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My aim is to help you to enhance your performance on your sporting ability, by making you stronger and more resistant to injuries so you can enjoy your sport for longer and help you achieve your dream goals.​

My name is Yannis Konstantinomanolakis. My coaching experience and expertise come from :

  • Competing 11 years in the Greek National Gymnastics

  • Serving 1 1/2 years in the Greek Marines as a Fitness Trainer

  • Working as a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2014 

  • Obtaining  a L3 Personal Training and L4 Strength & Conditioning Qualification

  • Completing a High Performance Coaching mentorship program where I coached world class Action Sports Athletes monthly.

I've been involved in Action Sports since my early youth by doing street Skateboarding and Motocross in competitive levels. I also participate in Downhill Mountain Biking, where I competed in several racing series for 3 years.

My obsessive passion within these disciplines has enabled me to gain knowledge and experience in order to teach performance methods to clients and athletes.

I work with my athletes in a supportive and caring environment where we all learn from each other and lead with empathy and passion for their sport.

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