Here are some words taken from our clients about my services...

"Great trainer has definitely supported me and help get my strength and fitness to where it is." 
- Preston Williams, 125cc 2019 British Champion in Motocross

"So it was the last race of the British Nationals this weekend Lewis came in 17th out of 47 with a goodish race run with 5 seconds going faster would of put him in a third place but hay ho that’s racing his category was very competitive with run times very close On the up side it’s looking like he’s standing in 10th position overall for the season this I think is amazing and I’m very proud Anyway basically I wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself for being such a great person and helping us out as you have with your fantastic insight into professional sport not just on the physical side but also psychological being a good friend to Lewis and me you helped give him that bit of extra confidence he needed to ride at that level in showing your support My friend you are a great person I thank you" - Matthew Perks, Lewis Perk's Father

"Yannis has a real in-depth knowledge and expertise on the gym, training and the body that very few personal trainers have. He is able to focus your training plans and programmes to your goals and does not provide generic sessions. Yannis has a very great way of getting the most out of someone and my body always feels like it’s had a proper workout. He sessions are extremely interesting and, at times, fun." - Steve Green

"I met Yannis demotivated with a sporting injury ready to quite my training goals. Yannis assessed my areas of strength and weakness. This bespoke programme focussed on strength, conditioning and injury recovery. His passion and enthusiasm spurred me through hard times. Thanks to Yannis I am the strongest and most flexible I have ever been. I am also now injury free! I am back to running competitively and intend to complete nationally for the Manchester Dive Team. Thank you Yannis !!!!" - Dr. Richard Fletcher

"Listen to what Yannis has to say and stick with it. Take his advise and make notes of all your stats including the increase of weights you lift each week and eventually you will start noticing the difference. I went from not being able to move after back surgery to lifting 70kgs dead lifts all due to Yannis’ knowledge and expertise. He knew I could achieve it even when I didn’t. 

Amazing, just amazing! I couldn’t have achieved what I have without his knowledge and also his patience. 

Strength, confidence and body shape changes.

It’s also fun!!!" - Colleen Bourke


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